Current Programmes and Projects


Strategic Programme 3 : Access To Inputs, Services and Markets for Animal and Animal Products

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2. Trade and market information systems established/strengthened

Insufficient market information is a major constraint to competiveness of the animal resources sector in Africa. The current systems vary between countries and regions, in purpose, utility and effectiveness. Development of a continental animal commodity information system (CACIS) that links to the regional market information systems (RMIS) would play a key role in linking producers, marketers and other interested stakeholders in the different regions of Africa through a common market information exchange platform. This will entail close collaboration and institutional capacity building within the RECs in order to ensure the timely flow of information to stakeholders.

This will be achieved through:

  • The documentation and mapping of trade flows of animal and animal products across countries and regions to guide decision-making and strategy-formulation in the animal health and trade areas.
  • Compilation of an inventory of existing market information systems for livestock and fisheries commodities at the national and regional levels.
  • Linkages between existing MIS for possible synergies and complementary actions.
  • The development of MIS models and frameworks to support MSs and RECs in setting up cost effective MIS.
  • Consolidating market information at continental level and availing it to MSs, RECs and private sector actors, through the ARIS system.