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Strategic Programme 3 : Access To Inputs, Services and Markets for Animal and Animal Products

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3. Value addition along the commodity chains supported and post- harvest losses reduced

Value addition is necessary for market diversification, improved commodity shelf life and food safety, as well as for generating additional incomes and creation of jobs in the value chain. Poor availability and access to appropriate technologies and knowledge, as well as low investments in value addition and processing and marketing infrastructures, are the main challenges that could be addressed through the following activities:

  • Supporting and facilitating the development and adoption of technologies aimed at improving value addition and reducing post-harvest losses, by commissioning research on specific aspects or facilitating access to information and knowledge related to these technologies.
  • Improving capacities of stakeholders in value addition and reduction of post-harvest losses (e.g. training of trainers, production and dissemination of training materials).
  • Facilitating the formulation of policy frameworks and advocating for policy options that promote and encourage value addition and reduction of post-harvest losses.