Current Programmes and Projects



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Group Meetings

Members should attend all meetings as scheduled. The meetings include monthly meetings and annual general Meeting or any other meeting that would be called by the Officials

Sources of Funds

The group will get its incomes from:

  • Monthly contribution
  • Interest accrued from the savings (Banking)
  • Donations

Uses of Funds

  • Assist the Association members as per its mandate. The beneficiaries are categorized into 2 as follows:

Immediate Relative

Immediate relatives in these description means:

  • Father
  • Mother
  • Blood Brother
  • Blood Sister

Staff Member

  • Wife
  • Husband
  • Child

The association will thus provide assistance as follows:

 NoImmediate Relatives Benefit from Welfare
1 Father KShs. 20,000/=
 2 Mother KShs. 20,000/=
3Brother/SisterKShs. 15,000/=

Special Condition: For brothers and Sisters as stated above, a staff member will benefit once a year.

No Welfare Members Benefit from Welfare
 1 Self KShs. 50,000/=
 2 Husband/Wife KShs. 50,000/=
 3 Child KShs. 30,000/=

For staff members who are hospitalized, the welfare will buy a flower, card and visit one in hospital.
A birth of a child will be celebrated by the welfare buying gifts of Upto Kshs. 10,000
A staff member wedding, will be bought a gift worth Kshs. 8,000/=.
(In the stated circumstances above, the welfare will nominate the persons to attend while the organization (AU-IBAR) will facilitate).

A request form will be filled by the bereaved member (Annex One).
A receipt voucher will be given to the staff member to sign on receiving of welfare assistance.
All receipts of purchases i.e. Flowers/Cards should all be forwarded to the Treasurer for safe custody.