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Africa Apiculture Platform Executive Committee Meets in Kenya

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Following the launch of the Africa Apiculture Platform (AAP) on Honey Production, Bee Health and Pollination Services in Kampala, Uganda in December, 2014, the Platform plans to hold its first meeting of the Executive Committee in Naivasha, Kenya on 16-18 April 2015. The Executive Committee forms one of the governance organs of the AAP, the other three being The General Assembly, the Working Groups and the Support Team.

The objectives of the three-day April meeting will be to:

  • Validate the operational guidelines and annual plans for 2015
  • Validate the criteria for selection of the members of the various working groups
  • Constitute the working groups by selecting the members and validating the operation modalities
  • Discuss the sustainability of the platform beyond the project duration
  • Agree on issues to be discussed during the next General Assembly of the AAP

The overall objective of the AAP is to improve the performance of the apiculture sector. Its specific objectives are to: Facilitate collaboration and partnerships within bee value chain stakeholders, share best practices and lessons learnt; Facilitate creation of an enabling policy framework on the continent; facilitate increased public and private investment in apiculture; Facilitate capacity development in the sector; Promote partnership between the crop and apicultural sectors and advocate for all issues affecting the apiculture sector (bee health, environment, investment).


Participants attending the workshop will be the 38 Executive Committee members.

Working Documents

Meeting of the Executive Committee (EC) of the Africa Apiculture Platform (AAP) - Concept Note
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