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Activities related to the inception phase

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Activities related to the preparation of the inception phase, implemented by the project team are the following:

  • Communication and planning.
  • Development of the Project work plan.
  • Preparation of flyers, poster, PowerPoint presentations and information to be posted on the AU-IBAR website (in French and English).
  • Drafting of a communication and visibility plan.
  • Preparation and circulation of formal letters of information on the initiation of the Project to beneficiary countries, the implementing partners and other agencies implementing related interventions in the livestock sector of the beneficiary countries.
  • Regular contacts were kept with implementing partners to ensure that shared purposes are maintained and that the partnership's work is kept.
  • Baseline study.
  • Drafting and publication of ToRs for the recruitment of regional consultants on the internet.
  • CVs of consultants were evaluated.
  • Consultants for the West African, Central African and East Africa regions were short listed, interviewed on the 14th of April 2010 and selected based on their qualifications.
  • Baseline activities started and were coordinated and regular contacts were kept with the consultants conducting the baseline activities to assure that the objectives were attained.