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The purpose of the AU-IBAR Africa Animal Resources Newsletter is to communicate animal resources news and events with stakeholders, to promote interest in AU-IBAR projects and/or initiatives, to communicate policy developments on animal resources in Africa to key partners and stakeholders to familiarize readers with tools, ideas, applications and methods to enhance learning and sharing of knowledge.

The newsletter explains the comparative advantage of AU-IBAR's role in animal resources development, to demonstrate the impact of AU-IBAR's initiatives and services on target beneficiaries, to enhance resource mobilization. The Newsletter is moreover to profile AU-IBAR as an institution that also addresses cross-cutting issues, e.g. gender, youth, climate change, water, livelihoods and to create a platform for enhancing collaboration with AU-IBAR towards common objectives.

2013 issues

Africa Animal Resources Newsletter | May 2013Africa Animal Resources Newsletter | May 2013 
Africa Animal Resources Newsletter | May 2013
Date 2013-05-07 Language  English Filesize 2.29 MB

 2012 issues

Africa Animal Resources Newsletter | November 2012
Date 2012-11-12 Language  English Filesize 2.26 MB

Africa Animal Resources Newsletter | July 2012
Date 2012-07-26 Language  English Filesize 3.8 MB