Current Programmes and Projects


Completed Programmes and Projects

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  1. Surveillance of Trade Sensitive Diseases (STSD) [2013-2016]
  2. Reinforcing Animal Health Services in Somalia (RAHS) [2013-2016]
  3. African reference laboratory (with satellite stations) for the management of pollinator bee diseases and pests for food security (Bee Project) [2013-2016]
  4. Reinforcing of Veterinary Governance in Africa (VET-GOV) [2012-2016]
  5. Standards, Methods and Procedures in Animal Health (SMP-AH) [2012-2016]
  6. Participation of African Nations in Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standard-setting Organisations (PAN-SPSO) [2008-2015]
  7. Integrated Regional Coordination Mechanism for the control of TADs and Zoonoses in Africa (IRCM) [2011-2014]
  8. Livestock for Livelihoods Project (L4LP) [2010-2013]
  9. Vaccines for the Control of Neglected Animal Diseases in Africa (VACNADA) [2009-2011]
  10. Livestock Emergency Intervention to Mitigate Food Crisis in Somalia (LEISOM) [2009-2011]
  11. Somali Livestock Certification Project (SOLICEP) [2008-2011]
  12. Somali Ecosystem Rinderpest Eradication Coordination Unit (SERECU) II [2008-2010]
  13. Support Programme to Integrated National Action Plans for Avian and Human Influenza (SPINAP-AHI) [2007-2010]
  14. Emergency Relief Support to Combat Avian influenza (ERSCA) [2006-2010]
  15. North Eastern Pastoral Development Programme (NEPDP) [2005-2010]
  16. Early Detection, Reporting and Surveillance – Avian Influenza in Africa (EDRSAIA) [2007-2009]
  17. Dryland Livestock Wildlife Environment Interface Project (DLWEIP) [2005-2009]
  18. The Pastoral Livelihoods Programme HIV/AIDS (PLP HIV/AIDS) [2003-2006]
  19. FAO Regional Technical Cooperation Project (Regional TCP)
  20. Sheikh Technical Veterinary School and Reference Centre (STVS) [2002-2009]
  21. Pan-African Programme for the Control of Epizootics (PACE) [1999-2007]
  22. The Pastoral Livelihoods Programme (PLP) [2000-2005]
  23. The Regional Project for Poultry and Milk Production in East Africa (RPPMPEA) [1999-2005]
  24. Community Animal Health and Participatory Epidemiology (CAPE) [2000-2004]
  25. Farming in Tsetse Controlled Areas (FITCA) [1999-2003]
  26. The Regional Programme on Ticks and Tick Borne Diseases (RTTDC) [1998-2001]
  27. Regional Action for Livestock Production in Eastern Africa (RALEA) [1998-2001]
  28. The African Wildlife Veterinary Project (AWVP) [1998-2000]
  29. Pan African Rinderpest Campaign (PARC) [1986-1999]
  30. Joint Project 15 (JP-15) [1962-1976]