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Pan African Technical Workshop on Avian and Human Influenza

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Theme: Bridging gaps to sustain and broaden gains in Avian and Human In-fluenza Prevention and Control in Africa

AU-IBAR through SPINAP program organized a continental workshop targeting medical and veterinary directors from all African countries.

The main aim was to inform policymakers on the impact of Avian and Human Influenza (AHI), advocate for more support and better coordination of interventions in Africa, share experiences and lessons learned and build consensus on how to strengthen coordination mechanisms for control and prevention of AHI and other epidemic zoonoses in Africa.

The workshop brought together 119 participants, mainly directors of animal health and human health services from 48 African States, and representatives from several international and regional organizations (EC, USAID, WHO, FAO, WCS, UN-OCHA, OIE, CDC, IFPRI and EAC).

Current pandemic preparedness planning and related interventions at the global, regional and national levels were discussed and a diversity of experiences and lessons drawn in the control and prevention of AHI were shared.

Strategically, the workshop focused on the need for a coordinated framework to effectively coordinate implementation of interventions for prevention and control of AHI and other epidemic zoonoses, including better collaboration between animal and human health sectors.