Annual Mandatory Training on Ethics and Training on Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy for AU-IBAR Staff Members, 14th - 15th May 2018

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© 2018 AU-IBAR. Ethics Training Certificate Handover.© 2018 AU-IBAR. Ethics Training Certificate Handover.The African Union mandatory ethics training of staff on the African Union Code of Ethics and Conduct; and harassment Policy; and , Anti-fraud and Corruption Policy was conducted for AU-IBAR Staff Members from 14th to 15th May 2018 at the AU-IBAR conference room, Nairobi, Kenya.

The training session for the year 2018 was kick started at AU-IBAR and was attended by all AU-IBAR staff members. The major topics covered during the training include:

  • The African Union Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  • The African Union Harassment Policy.
  • The African Union Anti-corruption and Fraud policy.

© 2018 AU-IBAR. Ethics Training Group Photo.© 2018 AU-IBAR. Ethics Training Group Photo.The Resource persons for the training were Mr Alimamy Sesay , the AU Chief of Ethics, and Mr Kingsley Belle, the AU Investigation Officer. Being a highly interactive session, staff members were constantly engaged in general discussions about general issues and specific case scenarios. Case studies drawn from experiences and lessons learned from within and without, including cases from other partner organizations were presented and discussed to buttress the values and principles enshrined in AU instruments. Adequate time was also provided for a one-on-one session with staff who desired further assistance or clarifications.

It was pointed out during the session that the African Union Whistleblower policy has reached an advanced stage of development and will be rolled out within 2018 after the necessary clearance process.

In general all the staff present were satisfied with the conduct of the training and each individual signed a personal undertaking and swore an oath to abide by the AU Code of Ethics and commit to prudent conduct while under the employmentof the organization. At the end of the training session, all the staff were issued with a certificate of participation in the training.