Declaration of Dakar

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The continental workshop of Dakar convened on the initiative of West African Women's Association (WAWA) with the support of the Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources of the African Union (UA-IBAR) bringing together breeders coming from West, central, East, North and South Africa to deal with the issue of local milk sector in Africa.

It was attended by several authorities including the Director of Livestock of Senegal, representing the Ministry of Livestock and Animal Production in Senegal, the Executive Director of the West African Women's Association, representatives of the government of Senegal (Primature - Food Safety, Ministry of Family, Women and Children, Ministry of Vocational Training for Apprenticeship and Crafts, Ministry of Integration and NEPAD, peasant organizations, association of producers ( DIRFEL, APESS, ...).

The interesting discussions were held around the theme: "Exchanges and sharing of experiences among African women in Livestock development activities".
Whereas the success of the milk sector causes many concerns in a context where imports of milk and milk products increased from $27 million in 2002 for more than $37 million in 2015 (Report of the Ministry of Livestock in Senegal in 2016).

Considering that the family farms as well as the mini-dairies are models to be encouraged in the secondary diary pools even though they only still have a marginal effect on national consumption, Considering that the dairy industries mainly use milk power (80 to 100%100 for their procurement) in most countries.

Considering that a greater use of local milk by these companies is therefore a major way to increase the level of collection for agro-pastoral family farms that are mainly regulated by women. For all these reasons, We, West, Central, East, North and South African Women coming from the 16 countries present in Dakar with the support of the West African Women's Association, with the funding of the INTERAFRICAN BUREAU FOR ANIMAL RESOURCES.

Meeting in Dakar, Senegal on July 5th – 6th, 2017 at Ngor Diarama Hotel.

We have to:

  • Work together with the support of the INTERAFRICAN BUREAU FOR ANIMAL RESOURCES, for purpose of the enclosed sheet that is validated unanimously by the participants.
  • Actively participate on behalf of my country on the operationalization of the committee established in Dakar and composed of 16 members.
    The preparation of a roadmap (over one year) that described the different steps to be taken.

These two provisions should lead to the establishment of a continental network of women working in livestock breeding, which will have to develop a five-year action plan for the actual promotion of African women in the livestock breeding sector.

We would like to extend our thanks to our financial and technical partners, especially the UA-IBAR for their commitment to gender-based policy concerning the issue of livestock in Africa.
Our congratulations also go to the Senegalese Minister of Livestock and Animal Production for her unswerving support for pastoralist women in Africa, as well as to the chairwoman of the AFAO-WAWA for her commitment and leadership as regards women issues.