Incomes for Livestock Dependent Households in Puntland to Improve Following Rehabilitation of Bossaso Slaughter House

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© 2018 AU-IBAR. The Minister, MOLAH, Honourable Mr. Abdullahi Sheikh Ahmed Addressing the Livestock Stakeholders.© 2018 AU-IBAR. The Minister, MOLAH, Honourable Mr. Abdullahi Sheikh Ahmed Addressing the Livestock Stakeholders.Bossaso, 26th March 2018: AU-IBAR and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations with financial support from the European Union (EU) have rehabilitated the Bossaso slaughter house which will improve meat marketing and incomes for livestock dependent households in Puntland. The rehabilitation of the slaughter house was carried out under the EU funded "Enhancing Somali Livestock Trade (ESOLT) project". The project was jointly implemented by AU-IBAR, FAO and the Federal and regional Ministries responsible for Livestock.

The facility was handed over to the Ministry of Livestock and Animal Husbandry (MoLAH) of the Puntland State of Somalia in a ceremony that was held at the site in Bossaso, Puntland. In attendance were the Minister, MOLAH, Honourable Abdullahi Sheikh Ahmed, the Governor of Bari region Mr. Yusuf Dhedo and Mayor for Bossaso Mr. Abdisalah Bashir Abdisalah, livestock traders among other key livestock stakeholders. The leaders accompanied by the assembled livestock stakeholders toured the facility and gave it a clean bill of health. The local leaders urged the traders to use the facility to its full capacity and for their benefit. The leaders lauded the initiative and pledged to support it to ensure its sustainability and benefit for the Somali community. The Mayor emphasized that the Bossaso slaughterhouse provides an opportunity for traders to upscale from traditional slaughter methods to more modern slaughter practices that will add value to their animals and fetch better prices while providing safer meat. The ceremony culminated in the signing of the transfer documents in the governor's office at Bossaso.

© 2018 AU-IBAR. The Rehabilitated Bossaso Slaughter House and a Lairage.© 2018 AU-IBAR. The Rehabilitated Bossaso Slaughter House and a Lairage.During the ceremony the representative of the Director of AU-IBAR, Dr. Henry Wamwayi, noted the important financial contribution the private sector had already made in supporting the rehabilitation of the slaughter house and lauded the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in this venture. The PPP, he noted will go a long way in ensuring the sustainability of the slaughter house operations. He assured the stakeholders of the continued support of AU-IBAR in enhancing the performance of the livestock sector to improve the livelihoods of the Millions of Somali citizens that depend on livestock.

After the handing-over ceremony, AU-IBAR and FAO held a consultative meeting with the stakeholders and discussed progress made in the implementation of the ESOLT project and upcoming activities. The close out session for Reinforcing Animal Health Services in Somali (RAHS) project was also held during which the achievements of the project, the lessons learned and modalities for the sustainability of the gains made were discussed.