Vision, Mission and Mandate

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An Africa in which animal resources contribute significantly to the reduction of poverty and hunger.


To provide leadership in the development of animal resources for Africa through supporting and empowering AU Member States and Regional Economic Communities.


To support and coordinate the utilization of animals (livestock, fisheries and wildlife) as a resource for human wellbeing in the Member States of the African Union and to contribute to economic development. The specific areas of the mandate are to:

  1. Improve public and animal health through the control and possible eradication of transboundary animal diseases and zoonoses;
  2. Improve the management of animal resources and the natural resource bases on which they depend;
  3. Explore investment options and enhance competitiveness of African animal products;
  4. Contribute to the development of relevant standards and regulations and enhance compliance by Member States;
  5. Strengthen institutional capacity and support policy development and harmonization;
  6. Disseminate information and knowledge on animal resources to Member States, Regional Economic Communities and other relevant institutions; and
  7. Provide essential support to Member States with special needs or in emergency situations.