Strategic Programme 1 : Animal Health, Disease Prevention and Control Systems

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To strengthen veterinary governance and animal health systems for increased productivity, improved food and nutritional security, enhanced food safety and trade and public health protection.

The context

The intensification of food production, increased volume and speed of travel and transportation of people, animals and their products across continental, regional and national borders are complex and interrelated factors that contribute to the transmission of TADs. The continued endemic status of TADs and zoonoses in Africa, the increased public awareness and concerns about food safety and quality, coupled with weak veterinary and public health services pose great challenges to market access, threaten public health and optimal development of animal resources in Africa.

Enhancement of animal health and disease-control systems remain vital for Africa. Improvement in the overall veterinary governance, strengthened by capacity building in disease prevention and control, improved surveillance systems and laboratory diagnosis, are critical ingredients in developing functional and integrated disease control systems. This approach aims to promote the livelihoods of animal resource dependent communities. Creation of knowledge and disease control tools through cost benefit and socio-economic analysis, development and improvement of vaccines and diagnostic tools, enhanced data gathering, information generation, knowledge management, sharing and networking, and better understanding of the changing patterns of animal diseases would guarantee holistic approaches in the design of disease prevention and control strategies. Such all-inclusive strategies, when implemented in a well-coordinated manner, would effectively reduce the occurrence of TADs and zoonoses and concurrently assure rapid responses.