Current Programmes and Projects


Strategic Programme 2 : Animal Resource Production Systems and Ecosystem Management

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Key Results Areas

1. Sustainable utilization, management and conservation of animal resources and their ecosystems enhanced

This result will contribute to the formulation and establishment of regional and continent-wide strategic frameworks and cooperation arrangements that will ensure judicious utilization, management and conservation of Africa's animal resources and their ecosystems. This result will be achieved through:

  • Understanding the current policy landscape (current policies, stages of implementation and implementation constraints, policy gaps and potential partners in policy work) relevant for animal resources development;
  • Formulating continental policy frameworks and strategies for livestock, fisheries and aquaculture and wildlife management and supporting MSs and RECs to align national policies and strategies with continental frameworks;
  • Strengthening the capacity of MSs to domesticate and implement continental and international policy instruments, and other best practices relevant to animal resources development, into effective national policies, strategies and programmes. This will include the AU Pastoral Policy Framework and other frameworks for animal resources management, including the Africa-wide Fisheries Policy Framework and Reform Strategy.
  • Formulating frameworks to guide the utilisation of feed additives and genetic manipulation in animal feed, as well as movement of genetic materials and control of diseases in terrestrial and aquatic systems.
  • Strengthening and supporting the establishment of relevant networks for generation and utilization of evidence for policy formulation.
  • Developing and supporting implementation of the regional and continental strategies, action plans and legislative frameworks on conservation and utilization, in the framework of the Global Plan of Action.
  • Developing guidelines and building capacity, for implementing conservation/management measures as contained in the prospective Pan-African Fisheries Policy Framework and Reform Strategy, such as the establishment of Marine Protected Areas (MPA), the application of Territorial Use Right Fisheries (TURF)/Rights-based Fisheries Management (RBM, the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (CCRF), the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries and Aquaculture (EAF and EAA) as well as eco-labelling.
  • Promoting mainstreaming diversification of livestock resources at the interface between mixed production ecosystems and protected areas through supporting sustainable land management systems for livestock and wildlife at the interface.
  • Promoting regional collaboration and cooperation in the management of shared and transboundary terrestrial and aquatic resources.