Current Programmes and Projects


Strategic Programme 2 : Animal Resource Production Systems and Ecosystem Management

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2. Animal resources production systems and ecosystem management strengthened

This will aim at the establishment of relevant strategies for the development of animal resources (livestock, non-conventional livestock, wildlife, apiculture, fisheries & aquaculture) and facilitate/support integration in the national agricultural investment plans.

This will be achieved through:

  • Strengthening capacity for best technological and environmental practices for sustainable animal resources development, including environmental impact assessment, identification of hotspots and effects of climate change on species.
  • Formulating strategies and building capacity to unlock the potential of major and emerging animal resources production systems.
  • Strengthening forecasting/horizon scanning abilities in the livestock sector, through increased understanding of the impact of climate fluctuations on provision of productive inputs (fodder and water), greater predictions of extreme weather events, and increased information exchange and overall awareness at all levels of the implications of these forecasts.
  • Strengthening capacities in forecasting methodologies/predictive analyses for sustainable fisheries and exploitation of aquatic resources. This would also include incorporating environmental randomness in particular for coastal, inland fisheries and aquaculture production systems and management plans.
  • Strengthening governance of natural resources, particularly the communal use areas, to create a more stable foundation for livestock sector resilience and biodiversity conservation.
  • Facilitating the scaling-up of the livestock index-based insurance initiatives.
  • Facilitating the implementation of the Livestock Emergency Guidelines (LEGs).
  • Formulating and facilitating the implementation of traceability and livestock identification systems adapted to different productions systems and regions of the continent.
  • Developing and facilitating implementation of animal recording systems to monitor productivity indexes of African animal resources.
  • Identifying and facilitating avenues for exploitation of opportunities for African livestock keepers to benefit from payments for ecological services.