Current Programmes and Projects


Strategic Programme 2 : Animal Resource Production Systems and Ecosystem Management

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Outcomes and Impacts

The successful delivery of this programme will realize the following:

  • Continental strategies and frameworks for sustainable utilization, management, and conservation improvement of animal resources implemented;
  • Developed strategies to promote sustainable production systems for animal resources, including livestock, fisheries and aquaculture and wildlife developed;
  • Effectively exploited opportunities for animal resources to bring livelihood benefits through payments for ecological services, including coral reefs in coastal habitats;
  • Strengthened capacity for the management and conservation for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in AU MSs and regional bodies;
  • Formulated strategies for combating IUU fishing and fostering responsible fisheries and sustainable management practices for natural resources exploitation and utilization;
  • Encouraged adoption of the AU Policy Framework on Pastoralism;
  • Facilitated adoption and implementation of the Pan African Fisheries Policy Framework and Reform Strategy and
  • Built resilience for coping with and adaptation to climate change and other disasters amongst communities dependent on animal resources.