Current Programmes and Projects


Strategic Programme 4 : Animal Resources Information and Knowledge Management

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3. Information and knowledge on African animal resources enhanced and shared

Knowledge management, connected to clearly defined approaches for data generation, information and communication sharing, aims to provide reliable support to planners and policy and decision makers. Therefore, the basis for this KRA is to facilitate the decision-making capabilities of RECs and AU MSs by supporting access to and exchange of information, technologies and innovations on issues that will enhance resilience, control
of animal diseases, promote livestock production, wildlife management, fisheries development and trade and marketing.

The following actions will be undertaken:

  • Support or conduct regular data collection, collation and analysis;
  • Support or conduct analysis of trends to inform policy, interventions and investment in animal resources;
  • Regular and timely production and dissemination of AU-IBAR animal resources publications;
  • Strengthen the collaboration/partnerships with national, regional and international technical, research and academic institutions to catalyse generation and sharing of data, information and knowledge on animal resources;
  • Collect and share best practices with relevant partners through information sharing platforms, forums and networks (e.g. ALive, UNCCD-TPN3, LDIP, etc.).