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Strategic Programme 4 : Animal Resources Information and Knowledge Management

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4. African veterinary and animal sciences educational institutions supported

The African veterinary and animal sciences institutions of learning need to revisit and update and expand their curricula regularly with advances in technology and innovations. This will include expanding curricula to incorporate wildlife health, aquatic animal health and fish diseases, bee management and diseases, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, animal welfare and other such specialised subjects for which needs may arise from time to time.

The objective of this results area is to ensure that veterinary and animal science institutions generate technicians and professionals informed with current issues, perspectives and technological developments, and that they are sufficiently prepared to deal with them.

To achieve this, AU-IBAR will carry out the following:

  • Foster partnerships with the relevant institutions of learning and research as sources of expertise, knowledge and innovation, civil society organizations and producer organizations, and national and international institutes of policy research.
  • Distribute the animal resources yearbook and the animal resources bulletin to institutions of learning.
  • Facilitate the convening of a periodic forum for heads of the relevant institutions of learning, with a view to exchanging information and knowledge on current developments, innovations and issues in the animal resources sector, and consequently using these to arrive at common approaches on updating their curricula.
  • Facilitate exchange visits by academic staff and students among the institutions of learning.