Join AU-IBAR in celebrating " 70 Years of Sustained Partnerships and Political Support for Enhanced Cooperation of Animal Resources Development in Africa”

Wed, 09-03-2022 15:00:00


The African Union-InterAfrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) 70-year journey brings the common voice of the people and institutions that have shaped African Union member states' policies and animal resources development decisions over the years.
2021 marked 70 years since AU-IBAR was founded to provide leadership and integrated support services for the development of the animal resources sector in Africa. To look back and envision an animal resources secure future, AU-IBAR will hold a commemorative event from 17-18 March 2022. Celebrations will be in the form of a hybrid event of the continent-wide network of about 200 stakeholders attending physically, and more expected virtually.
The programme will include panel discussions on:
(i) Experiences & lessons learned on rinderpest eradication, and
(ii) Contemporary issues on animal resources development. The 70th Anniversary coincides with the 10th year of the eradication of rinderpest, a milestone intervention bringing many lessons in mobilizing stakeholders in addressing challenges in the animal resources sector.

The panel discussions will be preceded by the launch of a Pan-African flagship programme on Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR).
AU-IBAR will also present recognition awards to key sector players during the event. The Awards testify AU-IBAR's successful stakeholder partnerships across the continent, ranging from local institutions to government agencies, all with the same goal: to improve animal resources development on the African continent.
"AU-IBAR's 70th anniversary is an ideal opportunity to showcase AU-IBAR's success, values, and strengths and to give context to our past and current achievements, and future strategies, in close collaboration with donors and our stakeholders," notes AU-IBAR's Acting Director, Dr. Nick Nwankpa.
These words sum up much of what AU-IBAR is focusing on at the 70-year mark and going forward: Sustained Partnerships and Political Support for Enhanced Cooperation of Animal Resources Development in Africa.
Join us in this commemoration and follow the anniversary site: access the programme, receive announcements and documents on the event in due course.

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