Value Chain Analysis and Mapping Tool for Red Meat and Live Animals under development for Southern Africa

Sat, 25-09-2021 15:00:00


In response to the growing global and continental needs to enhance value chain efficiency, AU-IBAR is supporting the SADC region in developing a value chain analysis and mapping tool for the red meat and live animals in the Southern Africa Region. A workshop was held in partnership with the World Bank from 9th – 11th September 2021 in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, targeting core red meat VC actors and governance stakeholders in the red meat Value Chain.

The workshop follows previous work undertaken to develop a methodology of the Value Chain analysis and mapping tool, which involved in-depth interviews of working groups. These working groups have formed the basis for the development of the VC analysis and mapping tool.  During the workshop, the working group contributed to the structure of the VC analysis and mapping tool by identifying constraints and opportunities in the Value Chain, identifying Value Chain performance indicators, Value Chain governance analysis, and determining chain upgrading strategy.  The tool contains elements that are relevant to both VC stakeholders and policymakers.

Currently, the need to drive the adoption of a market-oriented VC approach has heightened. It has been emphasized that interventions that are demand-driven and meet market requirements should be promoted through this action. This approach will encourage greater productivity, improve supply linkages, strengthen relationships among suppliers and attract investment across the whole VC, ultimately leading to increased incomes for all VC stakeholders. 

The working groups followed key strategic actions necessary for the development of the chosen Livestock Value Chain include: improved quality, safety, production, and productivity of red meat animals (cattle, sheep, and goats), to promote the participation of the private sector throughout the red meat VC and develop mechanisms to promote sustainability of red meat VCs have been identified. 

The Southern Africa region selected the development of the red meat and live animal (beef and small ruminants) VC as its priority regional livestock Value Chain.