AU-IBAR Awards 2019

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ProjectContractor / Supplier / Service ProviderLocality / NationalityDescription / Purpose of ContractStart DateDurationAmount of Contract
Genetics   Villa Rosa Kempinksi Kenya conference: eac regional stakeholder workshop 27 july 20194 days $ 11,000
Sun VenturesUgandaplumbing related works and services for the national animal genetic resources centre and data bank (nagrc&db)17 july 201990 days$ 10,814
M. Atieno (conference admin ILRI)Kenyacatering for training workshop on reproduction technologies for cryo-conservation 16-20th july 201912 july 20195 days$ 16,575
H. WamwayiKenyaconsultancy services03 june 201960 days$ 14,078
Intercontinental Hotel (state of farm launch genetics)Kenyastate of farm launch genetics conference 12-13th june 201931 may 20192 days$ 16,614.54
Raw Pictures DocumentaryMadagascardocumentary services10 may 201990 days$ 38,000
 M. Megahed Egypt consultancy services 05 february 2019 60 days $ 15,000
 S. Muriuki Kenya consultancy services 05 february 2019 60 days $ 15,000
A.S. BoukariNiger consultancy services05 february 201960 days$ 15,000
Sinkandi Company LtdGambiaconstruction of borhole & supporting structures31 january 201990 days$ 10,200
HTDS AlgeriaAlgeriasupply of laboratory equipment03 january 201990 days$ 14,570
HTDS AlgeriaAlgeriasupply, delivery and installation of thermo fisher scientific to ministry of agriculture & rural development, algeria02 january 20196 months$ 14,599
 Youth and Women (Grants Member States)    ETS Yonkeu & Fils
Sapres SARL
ETS Le printemps
The light Ltd
Provenderie ta-boss
Veto prestation
 CameroonSupport implementation of youth and women in livestock, fisheries and aquaculture agribusiness incubation

 25 october 2020     3 months     $ 19378.08
Kwangala farmers
Henan Silverstar poultry
Infrastructure,enviroment & Safety solutions
Uganda$ 18,949.39
Vet 24
Ets seikal Forage
Societe Sahel SARL
Group Azalla
Societe Sahel Ali SARL
 Chad $ 19,190
Libabla online
 Zambia $ 18,309.38
 Le Moteur Tunisia $ 12,014
Intermech Ltd
Harry Zakaria
Bajuta International
Mathew Leornard Kinabo
Sao Hill
Wina International
Intermech Engeneering Ltd
Zainab's XPRESS
Tanzania$ 19,558.52
Yisehak Adem Computer
Tarik Multimedia Production
Abdulkerim Anewar Construction Partnership
Ethiopia$ 19,155.9
West Waycode
Smart Buyer
Box  Avenue
App Engineering Services
Wontesty Ventures
Ghana$ 14,815.59
Micro Media
Tunisia$ 14,533.34
Byon Services
Ets Le Christal
Genieup Group
Benin$ 12,361.52