AU-IBAR Awards 2013

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DateProcurement NumberDescriptionAwarded BidderAmount
13 December 2013   01/AU-IBAR/12   Motor Vehicles for VET-GOV Vehicles (IBAR)   EAC-Toyota TanzaniaUSD 22,450.00
COMESA-Toyota ZambiaZMK 130,000.00
SADC-Broad Hurst MotorsBWP 156,055
ECCAS-Toyota GabonCFA 10,000,000.00
11 December 201313/AU-IBAR/13Training in Management Skills for Veterinary Staff from Greater Horn of Africa (IBAR)Kenya School of GovernmentKES
13 November 201312/AU-IBAR/13Training in Surveillance and Epidemiology of Trade Related Transboundary Animal Diseases for Veterinary Staff (IBAR)University of NairobiUSD 214,496.40
04 April 201301/AU-IBAR/13Supply and Delivery of Docking Stations Accessories for AU-IBAR OfficeDan Office IT LtdUSD 26,071.00


ProjectImplementing Partner / BeneficiaryLocality / NationalityDescription / PurposeStart DateDurationAmount of contract
RAHSSupport to Ministry of Livestock, Forestry & Range, Federal Republic of Somali (including OIE member fees)SomaliaMembership fees to OIE201336 months€ 20,424
SMP-AHIGADDjiboutiEnhanced capacity of stakeholders in implementation of harmonized disease management19 june 201340 months$ 1,109,377