AU-IBAR Awards 2014

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Procurement No.DescriptionAwardee
22/AU-IBAR/14Provision of Internet ServiceAccess Kenya
20/AU-IBAR/14Supply and Delivery of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostic Kits (Readvertisement)Lillidale Diagnostics (lots 1,3 and 4) Biosystems Lab Supplies (lot 2)
16/AU-IBAR/14Supply and Delivery of LaptopsOffice Technology
12/AU-IBAR/14Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Test Kits and Materials – STSD ProjectBDSL (UK) and Lillidale Diagnostics (UK) for the kits
Lasec (South Africa) for the materials
11/AU-IBAR/14Provision of Cleaning, Gardening, Landscaping and Refuse CollectionParapet Cleaning Services
09/AU-IBAR/14Supply and delivery of One (01) Perimatic Pump with Robotic Xymodule (Readvertised)Biosystems Lab Ltd (Kenya)
08/AU-IBAR/14 (readvertised)Supply and delivery of motorcycles to IGAD Member States – STSD ProjectKjaer Kjaer (Denmark) lots 1 (Djibouti), 2 (Eritrea), 3 (Ethiopia), 4 ((Sudan), 5 (South Sudan), 7 (Uganda) and 8 (Kenya).
LTA (Denmark) for the procurement of lot 6 (vehicle to be delivered in Somalia).
07/AU-IBAR/14Supply and delivery of vehicles to IGAD Member States – STSD ProjectLTA/Auto (Denmark) for the procurement of Lots 1, 2, 3, 4,5and 6.
Toyota Kenya for the procurement of Lot 8, Lot 7 (readvertised).
05/AU-IBAR/14Supply and Delivery of Equipment for Data Management for IGADComputer Revolution for the provision of computer software, server and server cabinet.
Megaplus for the provision of the 3 Mini Notebooks. StreamLAN for the 6 laptops for the provision of the 6 laptops.
01/AU-IBAR/14Supply and delivery of Reagents and Equipment for SMP-AHBiosystems Lab Ltd (Kenya).
Medsurge (Kenya).