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The Association will be called IBAR Staff Welfare Association. The address will be P.O Box 30786-00100

Group Objectives

The group has set objectives that will help reach out to Staff Members. These include:

  • provide financial assistance to staff members when they are bereaved;
  • celebrate the birth of a child by staff members;
  • team building exercise by staff members – Staff retreat/outing;
  • visitation during Hospitalization of a staff member;
  • Staff Farewell;
  • Staff Wedding Celebration.


All AU-IBAR staff shall be members of the association. the following conditions must be met:

  • Must be an AU/IBAR Staff Member, paid through pay roll.

Bank Account

The Association will run a bank account on the Staff Welfare's name. There will be three signatories and any two can withdraw money with the authority of the group. The Signatories of AU-IBAR Accounts be adopted.