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The publications below were developed to support decision-making for the prevention and control of highly pathogenic avian influenza through the use of risk mapping, and are an output of the Early Detection Response and Surveillance of Avian Influenza in Africa (EDRS-AIA) project, implemented by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in collaboration with African Union Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR).

We are calling these the "first generation" risk mapping products; ILRI is currently conducting research to further improve these products. We expect the final Bird Flu Risk Map Report to be available by September 2009. This publication will feature a state-of-the-art atlas of risk maps that have been validated and improved through field work, an experts' workshop, and newly available data.

The publications are targeted to different audiences. The first three products are targeted to a broad audience while the fourth publication is suited for readers with a technical background.

We encourage all readers to first read the User Guide for Initial Bird Flu Risk Maps.

Risk Mapping Products


User Guide for Initial Bird Flu Risk Maps
Date 2009-05-26 Language  English Filesize 715.51 KB

Cartes préliminaires de risque de l’influenza aviaire: Information au lecteur
Date 2009-05-26 Language  French Filesize 692.09 KB

Overview of the Bird Flu Risk Mapping Project
Date 2009-05-26 Language  English Filesize 1.31 MB

Présentation du projet: Cartographie du risque de la grippe aviaire
Date 2009-05-26 Language  French Filesize 1.3 MB

Introduction to Bird Flu Risk Maps for Disease Surveillance
Date 2009-05-26 Language  English Filesize 1.5 MB

Cartes de risque de l’influenza aviaire pour la surveillance de la maladie : Introduction
Date 2009-05-26 Language  French Filesize 1.54 MB

Initial Bird Flu Risk Map Report
Date 2009-05-26 Language  English Filesize 3.55 MB

Rapport préliminaire sur les cartes de risque de grippe aviaire
Date 2009-05-26 Language  French Filesize 5.21 MB

Risk Mapping Report

The initial risk maps were prepared using multi-criteria decision modelling in 2009 and subsequently refined to produce the final maps contained in the following report, published in February 2010.


Final report and risk maps
Date 2009-05-26 Language  English Filesize 3.52 MB

Rapport final et cartes de risques d’influenza aviaire
Date 2009-05-26 Language  French Filesize 3.55 MB

Participatory Disease Surveillance Manual

Introduction to participatory epidemiology and its application to highly pathogenic avian influenza participatory disease surveillance: A manual for participatory disease surveillance practitioners (Published: September 2009).


A Manual for Participatory Disease Surveillance Practitioners
Date 2009-05-26 Language  English Filesize 2.31 MB