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STSD project national training on Protocol of Cross-sectional Surveys

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Among the STSD Project activities for 2015 is a training programme in March and April on the Protocol of the Cross-sectional Surveys of key animal diseases in AU member states of the IGAD region.

The Department of Veterinary Services of Djibouti is organizing the Protocol training on 29th-31st March, 2015 in Djibouti City.

The main objective of the training programme is to train national survey teams on the protocol of the cross-sectional surveys of CBPP, FMD, PPR and RVF. The specific objectives are:

  • To provide orientation to the national survey teams on the objectives and expected results of the cross-sectional surveys
  • To train the national survey teams who will participate in sample collection on the design of the cross-sectional survey including number of villages, herds and animals to be selected
  • To train the national survey teams on random and systematic selection of sampling units, especially herds and individual animals
  • To train the national teams on how to complete the sample and data collection forms
  • To train the national teams on how to collect, preserve and transport blood samples
  • To facilitate planning of the cross-sectional survey activities including establishment of survey teams and arrangement of logistics.


Two technical officers from AU-IBAR will backstop the event, which will be attended by 16 participants.