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Technical CVOs meeting in preparation of the PanAfrican CVOs meeting of May 2015 and the OIE General Session 2015

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The Technical Group composed of African OIE delegates and animal health experts will meet in Nairobi, Kenya from 8th to 9th April, 2015 to review the proposed changes of animal health standards of the OIE Terrestrial and Aquatic Codes before the Continental Meeting of African OIE delegates in May 2015.

The objectives of the meeting are to:

  • Review reports of scientific, ad hoc and code commissions and in particular proposed changes to the codes which will be submitted to the OIE Terrestrial and Aquatic Code Commissions.
  • Endorse a global approach to strengthen African common positions and improve participation along the OIE standard setting process.
  • Enhance the work of African experts and centres of excellence in the area of animal health standards, to be incorporated in commissions and working groups.
  • Harmonize processes of consultations on OIE standards at national level, including ways of involving the private sector.


In attendance will be a high level panel of individual African experts, African OIE Delegates and AU-IBAR staff, who will analyse the proposed new standards, their justification, consequences for Africa, areas of common interest and priority.