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Executive Summary

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AU-IBAR Vision, Mission, Mandate, Core Values, Strategic Niche and Functions

Over the years, AU-IBAR’s strategic niche has been strengthened by the demands of the animal resources sector. The progress in its comparative advantage is reflected in its evolving vision, mission, mandate, niche and core functions, stated hereinafter:

  • Vision: An Africa in which animal resources contribute significantly to integration, prosperity and peace.
  • Mission: To provide leadership and integrated support services for the development of animal resources in Africa.
  • Mandate: To support and coordinate the sustainable development and utilization of animal resources to enhance nutrition and food security and contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of the people in the MSs of the AU.

Strategic Niche:

  1. Formulation, validation and dissemination of animal resources continental strategic frameworks
  2. Coordinate Africa’s contribution to the development of relevant standards and regulations and enhance compliance by Member States
  3. Strengthen institutional capacity and support policy coherence and harmonization at national, regional and continental levels
  4. Package and disseminate information and knowledge on animal resources to Member States, Regional Economic Communities and other continental and regional institutions
  5. Coordinate the African Voice (common positions) in Animal resources development
  6. Enhance the pan-African coordination, networking and partnerships in Animal resources
  7. Provide support to Member States (technical, tools) for effective implementation of their policies and strategies