Current Programmes and Projects


Executive Summary

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AU-IBAR’s Core Functions

The specific areas of the mandate are summarized under the following core functions:

  1. Improve animal health, disease prevention and control systems
  2. Enhance animal resource production systems and ecosystem management
  3. Improve access to inputs, services and markets for animals and animal products

These functions are further detailed into the following specific functions:

  1. Facilitate, coordinate and support the formulation, harmonization and implementation of coherent policies, strategies, guidelines, legislation and investment plans
  2. Assist AU MSs and RECs in mainstreaming animal resources in the CAADP
  3. Initiate and coordinate the implementation of relevant programmes, projects and activities in collaboration and cooperation with MSs, RECs and development partners
  4. Facilitate the formulation and adoption of common positions among MSs and RECs, RFMOs/RFBs, for Africa’s leverage in negotiations and other global processes related to Animal Resources
  5. Collect, collate, analyse, store, share and disseminate data, information and knowledge among relevant stakeholders
  6. Play an advocacy role on matters relevant to animal resources, including for increased engagement of the public and private sectors as well as civil society organizations
  7. Provide technical support to MSs, RECs and other regional organisations and mechanisms or continental institutions
  8. Collaborate with research and academic institutions to identify priority needs for research and training
  9. Convene, coordinate and host relevant multi-stakeholder initiatives, platforms and secretariats for the development of Animal Resources in Africa
  10. Provide timely and strategic support to countries experiencing emergencies and those with special needs