Regional Fisheries Bodies

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Lake Tanganyika Authority

Project TitleMain ObjectivesTimelinesCoverageFinancial PartnersImplementing Agencies/Partners
Project to Support the Lake Tanganyika Integrated Regional Development Programme (PRODAP)PRODAP aimed at rationalizing the exploitation of the fishery resources, protecting the lake environment in a sustainable manner, and reducing the poverty of the Lake Tanganyika Basin communities. The project's activities contributed to the implementation of the Convention on the Sustainable Management of Lake Tanganyika which was signed by the four Lake Tanganyika riparian countries on 12th June, 20031999-2014Regional
Burundi, Tanzania & Zambia; Fisheries in DR Congo)
African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Lake Tanganyika riparian countries of Burundi, DR Congo, Tanzania and Zambia.Lake Tanganyika Authority; National Coordination Unit (NCU) in each country; and the Ministries responsible for Environment in Burundi, Tanzania & Zambia; and the Ministry responsible for Fisheries in DR Congo (Project Line Ministries)
Program for the Implementation of a Regional Fisheries Strategy for Eastern-Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Region (IRFS Program), known as SmartFish ProjectThe Program for the Implementation of a Regional Fisheries Strategy for the ESA-IO region (IRFS) aims to harmonize the region’s strategies and is in agreement with the SADC/COMESA/EAC Tripartite Summit decision to strengthen regional integration, and in line with the 2009 resolution of the Fisheries Ministers of the ACP countries. The overall objective of the program is to contribute to an increased level of social, economic and environmental development and deeper regional integration in the ESA-IO region through the sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources.March 2011-September 2013Sub-Continental (Eastern-Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Region)European Union under the 10th European Development FundIndian Ocean Commission (IOC) in collaboration with COMESA, EAC, IGAD, SADC, IOTC, SWIOFC, LVFO, and LTA.