Implementation Arrangements

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To ensure effectiveness and sustainability, the Fish Gov project will work with stakeholders at national, regional and international levels. At national level, the departments in charge of fisheries and aquaculture development, the fisherfolks, the fish traders and all other players along the value chain will be targeted. At regional level the RECs, RFBs, RFMOs and NGOs working to improve sustainable fisheries development will be targeted.

African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources

The project will be implemented in joint management with AU-IBAR as the lead institution. AU-IBAR is a specialized technical agency of the African Union Commission (AUC) with the specific mandate of supporting and coordinating the utilization of animals (livestock, fisheries and wildlife) as a resource for human wellbeing in the Member States, which contributes to economic development, particularly in rural areas.

NEPAD Planning and Coordination Agency

NPCA is a technical agency of the African Union and is implementing a technical programme that supports improved fisheries governance; sustainable production practices improving market access; preparation and implementation of fisheries management plans; development of aquaculture; and regulation of the access of foreign fleets to African fish stocks. A partnership arrangement between AU-IBAR and NPCA will be signed in which details on the activities to be implemented by the NPCA will be provided.