Communication and Dissemination Methods

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A comprehensive communication and visibility plan has been developed and outlines the following:

  • Target audiences and the communication objectives per target group
  • Communication/visibility activities that will be undertaken
  • Responsibilities for the execution of the activities
  • Communication tools that will be applied
  • Indicators to measure the communication impact
  • Human and financial resources required for the execution of the plan.

Building on Previous Action

The project complements and builds on a number of ongoing and planned projects such as: The DFID-funded, NEPAD Agency implemented International Partnership for African Fisheries through the Governance and Trade Working Groups whose action plans focus on knowledge exchange, skills and experience; and regional and national fisheries governance systems reforms to enable wealth generation. The results from the proposed action will directly feed into the action plans of these two working groups, especially the African Fisheries Reform Mechanism and the proposed action will also be informed and guided by the processes from these two groups. The proposed will directly contribute to the advancement of AU-NEPAD Action Plan for the Development of African Fisheries and Aquaculture; one whose objectives among many is to enhance of fish trade in domestic, regional and international markets.