Project Beneficiaries

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The ultimate beneficiaries of the project are fishermen, aquaculture producers, fisher folks engaged in fish processing and fish trading enterprises. About 50 percent are women who often depend exclusively on post-harvest activities as their source of income and economic empowerment. Other beneficiaries include the 400 million rural and urban African households whose food and nutritional security increasingly depends on low value fish.

The capacity in the line ministry will be strengthened for effective fisheries management. The project is of great benefit to AU member states in not only securing current benefits but also increasing benefits from improved trade governance of their aquatic resources. These benefits mainly relate to increased revenue, fish supplies, food security and social welfare.

The regional institutions, i.e. RECs and RFBs, would also gain immensely from this project since it will strengthen their institutional mandates in regional fish trade that would be fostered by regional collaboration and building or establishing the necessary institutional linkages or frameworks consistent with the 2011 Executive Council Decision (EX.CL/627 (XVIII) of AUC on ensuring that arrangements for regional cooperation on fisheries management frameworks are developed and included as part of the Minimum Regional Integration Plan by RECs.