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African Union’s Comments on Draft OIE Standards for Discussions at the February 2019 OIE Commission Meetings

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In contribution to the standard-setting process of the OIE, AU-IBAR coordinated an Animal Health Experts meeting from 6 to 7 December 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya to formulate comments on draft OIE standards. The comments have been submitted to the OIE and will be discussed during the February 2019 OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Standards Commission and Aquatic Animals Health Standards Commission.

Comments were made on the following:

Annex 6 Chapter 7.13. Animal Welfare and Pig Production Systems
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Annex 8 Chapter 1.4. Animal Health Surveillance
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Annex 9 Chapter 4.Z. Introduction to Recommendations for Disease Prevention and Control
Date 2019-01-18 Language  English Filesize 448.92 KB

Annex 10 Chapter 7.Y. Killing of Reptiles for their Skins, Meat and other Products
Date 2019-01-18 Language  English Filesize 779.83 KB

Annex 15 Chapter 4.Y. Official Control Management of Outbreaks of Listed and Emerging and Listed Diseases
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Annex 16 Chapter 7.Z. Animal Welfare and Laying Hen Production Systems
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Annex 18 Chapter 3.4. Veterinary Legislation
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Annex 19 Chapter 10.4. Infection with High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza Viruses
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Comments of African Union Aquatic Animals Health Commission Report 2018
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