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Overall objective / Goal

Provide an objective and progressive approach to coordination and capacity development for the effective management of TADs and zoonoses, including emerging/re-emerging diseases in Africa.


Strengthen the capacity of RECs and their member states to effectively coordinate, harmonize and execute interventions in the prevention and control of TADs and zoonoses, including of emerging and re-emerging diseases with the participation of all stakeholders.

Specific objectives

  1. Provide an objective medium and long term approach for strengthening the coordination of TADs & zoonoses prevention and control among Regional Economic Communities and African Union member states.
  2. Provide mutually acceptable approach to inter-country interactions (communication, joint action, resource sharing, incident command structure etc) in regard to TADs & zoonoses.
  3. Serve as the entry point for investment and capacity building for the progressive control and eradication of priority TADs and zoonoses in Africa.
  4. Provide a strategic framework for the institutionalization of TADs and zoonoses prevention and control in line with the economic and political integration agenda of the African Union.
  5. Provide a platform for the operationalization of the one health strategic framework in Africa.