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  • Biennial scientific conference to evaluate progress sustained since 1949.
  • 2007: The ISCTRC Executive Committee recommends all necessary efforts to strengthen International Trypanotolerance Centre (ITC) in the Gambia.
  • 2001: PATTEC launched during the 26th ISCTRC conference in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
  • 1999: European Union funded regional five-year Farming In Tsetse Controlled Areas (FITCA) project. Launched and implemented by AU-IBAR in 5 countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.
  • 1999: ISCTRC Executive Committee recommendation to Member States and international organisations to consider trypanosomiasis as an emergency contributed to the establishment of PATTEC.
  • 1965: OAU (now AU) Heads of State took over the Commission for Technical Cooperation in Africa (CCTA) and was transformed into ISCTRC to be funded by Member States.
  • 1949: Permanent Commission for Technical Cooperation in Africa south of the Sahara (CCTA) created by international organisations for research and control of trypanosomiasis held its first meeting in London, UK.