Background of L4LP

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Cognizant of the current global concerns on the phenomenon of climate change and the extreme vulnerability to food insecurities of agrarian and pastoral communities, especially in physically degraded ecologies, the Project is premised on the urgent need to elaborate sustainable climate-proof production systems in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs).

Consequently, the Project aims at strengthening the resilience of livestock-based communities through the improvement of resource management in ASALs of Africa. By improving natural resource management (NRM) strategies, especially at the livestock-wildlife-environment interface, the action seeks to significantly improve food security as the beneficiaries adopt best practices and better understanding of the ecological dynamics in the context of climatic variability. In addition, it is anticipated that the action will strengthen the inherent capacities of Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and the end-users at community level to develop and implement adaptation and mitigation frameworks against the impacts of climate change on rural livelihoods.