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3rd Steering Committee Meeting

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The third Steering Committee (SC) meeting was held on May 3rd 2012, in Nairobi, Kenya, at the AU-IBAR offices. The purpose of the meeting was to present the overall Project achievements, to discuss about forthcoming activities, to adopt a work plan for next year's project implementation period and to discuss financial and project reporting issues.


The Meeting acknowledged the work done so far by partners, commended the partners and encouraged them to speed up the implementation of the remaining activities.

The meeting highlighted the importance of the collaboration between partners, putting more emphasis on the institutional arrangements and clarifying the role of governments in these partnerships (especially that of the focal points).

The meeting recommended that a realistic work plan be formulated to prioritise activities that are achievable within the shortest period of time and those that would yield the maximum outcome.

The meeting stressed the importance of the implementation of the M&E plan to ensure that partners know which parameters to collect to reflect the indicators in the log frame.

The meeting also highlighted the importance to develop and implement an exit strategy and a sustainability plan for the Project.

Regarding the financial aspect, the meeting urged partners to fulfill the requirements for financial management in order to expedite the release of the second tranches of funding.

The SC recommended that, due to security concerns at the project site in Nigeria, the country's contract be amended to enable Nigeria to participate in capacity building activities in other countries.

The Meeting also put emphasis on the exchange visits between Project sites to promote the holistic management approach.

The Meeting urged the Project Coordination Unit of AU-IBAR to operationalise the already developed visibility plan for the Project.

From the information generated through the implementation of the project so far, AU-IBAR should produce and disseminate best practices to inform policy decisions.

Since most project sites will be inaccessible in September due to rains, the meeting recommended that the EU re-schedules the mid- term evaluation for October.

The Meeting also emphasised the need to expedite the functionality of established structures at the decentralised Project sites.

The Meeting recommended that funding is spent more on core (substantive) activities and not mainly on operational costs to attain the expected outputs.

The Meeting also emphasised the need to ensure reporting against indicators in the framework of RBM rather than just on activities.

The Meeting recommended that the Project strongly considers the possibility of a no-costs extension. This is critical considering the time required (given the nature of the Project) to realise the expected results.