Current Programmes and Projects



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Policy notes

The main purpose of ALive's policy notes is to inform decision-makers in Africa and the international community of recent developments or important constraints in key areas of livestock development in Africa, and to provide them with consensus-based and shared recommendations on priority activities. The areas identified are: access to water and to grazing resources; availability of animal health services; access to markets for livestock and animal-derived products; sanitary standards and food safety.

Dairy toolkit

This is designed to assist national and international middle level decision makers, advisors and planners to decide on public policies and investments promoting pro-poor dairy development.

Drought management toolkit

In order to contribute to implementation of the recommendations of the policy note on Community-Based Drought Management, an interactive virtual tool was developed by ALive with the technical support from FAO/LEAD. It emphasizes an early warning system (EWS) on droughts and on the implementation of a rapid response for better mitigation of its impacts.

The African Livestock portfolio

A comprehensive searchable database of continent-wide livestock activities.

Rapid Assessment of Integrated National Action Programs

As the primary mechanism for coordinating the allocation of funds to Africa to combat animal diseases and strengthen veterinary services, ALive has coordinated Joint Rapid Assessment Missions (JRAMs), Avian and Human Influenza Portfolios. As a result, JRAMs were undertaken in 26 African countries.

ALive website

The ALive website is a tool of information and knowledge sharing on the development of livestock in Africa. It is also a communication and decision-making tool for the members of the Executive Committee via the restricted-access.