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The Alive Platform's utility is dependent on it making a real difference in African livestock development. An important means to that end is having, for each of the core functions, unambiguous result areas and achievable expected outcomes for all activities supported by the Platform.

African and non-African decision makers positioned to prepare for emerging issues and to take advantage of new opportunities in African animal agriculture.

  • Increased participation and contribution of stakeholders in identifying main trends and drivers.
  • Shared understanding of emerging issues and trends.
  • Common visions and positions on emerging opportunities agreed and collective preemptive strategic approaches designed and disseminated.

Well-informed public and private opinions supporting rational and equitable investment in animal agriculture.

  • Greater understanding and awareness of livestock contribution to economic growth, poverty reduction, natural resource management and human nutrition.
  • Greater awareness of the high returns to livestock investment.
  • Greater awareness of the need and direction for sector policy reforms.
  • Increased and better quality investment in livestock sector and associated environment and biodiversity conservation.

Improved enabling pro-poor livestock policies.

  • Tools to assist policy analysis and formulation available.
  • Capacities for policy analysis and formulation strengthened.

Improved access to information and knowledge on-demand by end users.

  • Global data and information collected and collated for divers African livestock stakeholders.
  • Demanded data and information available when and how required by end users.