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Ahmed El-Sawalhy is the ninth person to be appointed by the DREA as Director of its specialized technical office. He is currently serving a first, three-year term as Director of African Union – Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR).

© 2009 AU-IBAR. Prof. Ahmed El-Sawalhy (PhD, Animal Trypanosomiasis) Director, AU-IBARProf. Ahmed El-Sawalhy was born in Sharkia, a provincial capital in Egypt's Delta region in February 1959. After graduating from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagazig University (1982), he was awarded his Master's Degree in Veterinary Infectious Diseases in 1987. His education was rounded with a PhD in Animal Trypanosomiasis from the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, USA). From 1993 onwards, he pursued studies and research in Egypt during which he published more than 35 scientific publications in national and international journals. His dedication to education is mirrored in his two books in which complex veterinary materials, especially on infectious diseases, is transmitted in simple form to students and field veterinarians. Besides having made several publications, he founded and supervised the first bilingual (Arabic and English) website for the most important infectious diseases in Egypt.

Prof. El-Sawalhy has made about 26 contributions to scientific conference (National and International) and was a focal point in funded projects on animal health issues and enhancing veterinary infectious diseases education and training in Egypt. As a member of numerous committees in Egypt, he has been active in community service (workshops, field trips) and in teaching and evaluation. He has an impeccable professional history that very much reflects his academic profile: As Head of Department of Internal Medicine, Infectious diseases and Fish Diseases at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Mansoura University, he structured this department, which today follows the curriculum implemented at that time. Simultaneously, he directed the university's Veterinary Education Hospital. Some of the honors he has received include State Award in Veterinary Sciences (2000), the Award in Cattle Diseases from the Scientific Research and Technology Academy (dedicated to the late professor Ahmed Farid) and the prestigious Award of the Animal Insurance Fund (2004, Ministry of Agriculture Egypt). In addition to this, he obtained the Mansoura University Award in Veterinary Sciences in 2001.

Wishing to support continental animal health and production initiatives in Africa, Prof. El-Sawalhy was appointed Chief Animal Health Officer to AU-IBAR in Nairobi, Kenya in July 2006 and became the Acting Director in March 2008. He was on 1st May 2009 appointed Director, AU-IBAR.

With his vast experience and the new responsibility, he hopes to promote, coordinate and strengthen AU-IBAR's capacity to improve livestock and food security in Africa.