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 The Niokolo-Badiar Protected Area is located at the boundary between Sahelian and Soudanian vegetation zones. Its main components are the Badiar National park located in Guinea, and the Niokolo-Koba National park located in Senegal.

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The area has experienced recurrent episodes of drought during the past decades, with negative impacts on ground water, water availability throughout the year, and vegetation cover. Conflicts related to land and water use have increased over the years between cattle keeping communities and other communities, due to drought, water scarcity, extension of uncontrolled fires and logging.

The African Parks Foundation aerial census of May 2006 revealed very extensive grazing of domestic stock: an estimated 4,679 cattle, 1,242 sheep and 75 goats were found inside the park, three times the number of wild animals. Although it is recognized that these figures probably represent a seasonal peak, the occurrence of so many domestic animals – and more importantly the herders who accompany them – represents a major threat to the integrity of the park.