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A series of concrete actions have been used aiming at increasing and strengthening knowledge and awareness of the Livestock for Livelihoods Project (L4LP).

The following are some examples of visibility actions:

  • Flyers and posters highlighting the Project's objectives and results have been produced.
  • Stickers, visibility materials (pens, t-shirts, caps, and USB flash disks) have been produced.
  • It has already been mentioned, in the reports, that the Project has created web pages that make people and organisations aware of the L4LP endeavor and learning, as well as make L4LP documents readily available to partners, donors, and the general public.
  • The L4LP team has asked partners to also make available on their websites information on the Project.
  • Sign boards have been produced from the different partners and put on the four Project sites.
  • The L4LP team has organised fora, exchange visits, participated to conferences and workshops where the L4LP was presented.
  • The L4LP team has produced best practices at the interface based on gathered documents from the ground. Significant change stories and lessons learned, based on documents generated from the different communities and project sites, have been produced.
  • Each time when the L4LP team is on field mission, pictures are taken and short films are made to produce videos that will be compiled and distributed.
  • The L4LP team has also organised press releases to make communities around the four Project sites aware of the L4LP activities.