The RAHS Project Strategy and Approach

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Project Strategy

The RAHS project is designed to build on the achievements and broaden the impacts of previous EU funded interventions that aimed to build and strengthen the human resources and institutional capacities for the delivery of animal health services in Somalia. The strategy of the project is to create conditions for strengthening the interactions between public and private animal health service providers and their outreach in order to enhance the quality and availability of animal health services to livestock rearing communities in Somalia. The strategy also aims to enhance linkages and interactions of Somali animal health institutions with relevant regional and continental institutions and interventions to enhance the integration of activities in Somalia in regional and continental initiatives. This takes into account the need for a regional approach in containing the spread of transboundary animal diseases in the largely nomadic Somali livestock production system.

Project Approach

The project approach takes into account the differences in the levels of development of public and private sector animal health institutions under the Federal Government of Somalia and the administrations in Somaliland and the Puntland State of Somalia. The project addresses the capacity of public institutions to deliver and regulate sustainable animal health services through training of personnel and the provision of technical and financial support for the development of strategies for animal health services delivery. It also provides financial and technical support for the implementation of priority aspects of the strategies. The project also provides financial, logistical and technical support for structured partnerships between the public and private sectors for more effective outreach to communities. Under this arrangement, the project is strengthening the capacity of established Veterinary Regulatory Boards in Somaliland and Puntland to supervise, monitor and regulate the delivery of animal health services by the private sector while supporting the Boards to enhance public awareness and acceptance of the enforcement of veterinary laws and regulations. The project is also supporting processes towards the enactment of a draft Veterinary Law Code under the Federal Government of Somalia to facilitate the establishment of a Veterinary Board in South and Central Somalia. This will provide the foundation for the regulation of animal health services in central and Southern Somalia where law enforcement in general is still very weak.

The project is also strengthening livestock disease surveillance and control systems in Somalia and supporting their alignment with other on-going initiatives jointly implemented by AU-IBAR and IGAD (SMP-AH and STSD projects) The integration of Somalia in these initiatives will contribute to enhanced control of key diseases affecting the production and trade of livestock not just in Somalia but also in the neighbouring countries due to the transboundary nature of the diseases.