Lessons Learnt

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This project builds on lessons learnt from the implementation of previous EU funded animal health projects in Somalia particularly the Somali animal Health Services project (SAHSP), the Somali Livestock Certification (SOLICEP) project and the Livestock Emergency Interventions to Mitigate the Food Crisis in Somalia (LEISOM) project. A review of the SAHSP project recognized the value and need for progressive improvement of veterinary service delivery to address the inadequacy of public institutions in Somalia. The final report of the LEISOM project reiterated the need for continued external assistance to the line Ministries in Somalia until such time as the Somali public institutions are able to secure sufficient financial resources to enable them to fulfil their public good functions. It also advocated for greater support to the Livestock Professional Associations in Central and Southern Somalia as long as political instability continues to prevent the establishment of fully functional public sector animal health delivery institutions.

The support to line Ministries to establish disease investigation and emergency response teams with the allocation of funds for their operations enhances the effectiveness, visibility and credibility of the line Ministries and the Livestock Professional Associations in responding to disease outbreaks.