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Cross-Border Binding Agreements, IGAD Livestock Stakeholders Wait Eye-Hawked For MoUs
In a bid to promote regional livestock trade, USAID and AU-IBAR partnership continues
Collaborative Disease Control in Cross-Border Areas for Enhanced Resilience and Livestock Trade among Pastoralists
SMP-AH facilitates signing of an agreement between Kenya and Tanzania for enhanced collaboration and cooperation in cross-border disease control
SMP-AH facilitates a vaccination campaign against FMD in Uganda
Passive Disease Reporting in Djibouti Strengthened Through Introduction of a Community-Based Disease Reporting
AU-IBAR Spearheads a Regional Network to Buttress Quarantine Systems in the IGAD Region
A Risk Assessment Study on Animal Diseases along Ethiopian Main Trade Corridor Kicks Off
Djibouti, Puntland and Somaliland Poised to Begin Harmonization and Joint Coordination of Disease Surveillance and Reporting
Somalia Gets Ready to Unveil Community Based Animal Disease Reporting System
Somaliland to Integrate Indigenous Knowledge into the National Animal Disease Surveillance System
AU-IBAR Steers a Robust Community-Based Disease Reporting System in Uganda
Uganda to Rollout Standards, Methods and Procedures to Primary Animal Diseases
Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan further strengthen cross-border collaboration and coordination of animal health programs within the Karamoja cluster
A Community-Based Grassroot Disease Reporting System Initiated in South Sudan
ARIS Administrators from the IGAD Region Meet to Discuss How to Enhance Capacity for Data Handling and Sharing of Livestock Information
SMPs Rolled Out in South Sudan for Implementation
New Memorandum of Understanding to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation on Animal Health and Sanitary Measures between Kenya and Ethiopia along Common Border
SMP-AH rolls out SMPs for FMD, PPR, RVF and brucellosis in Tanzania at Dodoma
SMP-AH Validates Standard Methods and Procedures for CBPP, CCPP, SGP, CP, LSD, RP and Export Quarantine
SMP-AH Organizes Study Tour for Livestock Stakeholders from Greater Horn of African to Ethiopian Livestock Industry
SMP-AH Project holds a review workshop on project implementation during 2014 and a planning meeting for 2015 in Addis Ababa
SMP-AH Project Steering Committee Members hold the 4th meeting in Naivasha, Kenya on 4th December 2014 to guide and direct activity implementation
Programme for the development of Standard Methods and Procedures in Animal Health in the SADC Region launched, 9-11, September 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa
Stakeholders from Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia and Kenya meet to harmonize coordination of veterinary activities in cross-border areas within the Somali Ecosystem
Stakeholders from South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda meet on regional and ecosystem harmonization and coordination of veterinary activities in cross-border areas
SMP-AH Kick-Starts Country Activities In South Sudan
New regional livestock association (NEALCO) to promote trade in livestock and livestock products in IGAD , COMESA and EAC
Animal Health Stakeholders from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania Meet to Discuss Harmonization and Coordination of the Cross Border Management of Transboundary Animal Diseases
SMP-AH held its 3rd Project Steering Committee Meeting
Bridging the gap between veterinary technical knowledge and practice: 25 veterinary officers from the Greater Horn of Africa complete an 18 weeks training course in Management Skills Development
Veterinary staff from the Greater Horn of Africa acquire Management Development skills to promote increased use of the SMP approach in the management of Transboundary Animal Diseases
SMP-AH revolutionizes reporting of trade-related transboundary animal diseases in the GHoA by involving herders, livestock keepers, livestock traders, butchers, truckers, marketers and processors
SMP-AH project supports an integrated training programme in Surveillance and Epidemiology of Trade-Related Transboundary Animal Diseases for Veterinary staff from Greater Horn of Africa