Activities of SOLICEP

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SOLICEP will achieve the above results by carrying out the following activities:

Result 1

Animal health certification model that promotes the OIE/WTO/SPS Standards for live animals and is acceptable to both importing and exporting countries is defined and tested

  • Develop a model that will take into account the unique circumstances of nomadic husbandry practices.
  • Disease and species specific animal health certification models will be developed, using epidemiological data, for rinderpest, RVF, FMD and PPR.
  • The models will be evaluated and validated for technical, economic and financial feasibility.
  • FAO together with the Somali authorities will lobby OIE, other international organizations and trading partners for acceptance of the proposed certification model.

Result 2

Capacity of Somali public and private institutions to improve access to international livestock markets enhanced

  • A self-assessment Performance of Veterinary Services (PVS) will be undertaken to assess the state of the Somali veterinary services and to identify capacity building needs.
  • Somali public and private personnel will be trained on animal health certification, international standards and requirements of trading partners.
  • Investment funding to public and private sector institutions will be provided to support the implementation of the animal health certification system.
  • Veterinary professional will be trained on disease data collection, collation, analysis and dissemination.
  • Veterinary professionals will be trained on risk analysis.
  • Web-based database on animal health certification and trade will be maintained on the websites of ministries and AU-IBAR.
  • Institutions involved in certification process will be strengthened to establish & maintain the certification system.

Result 3

Linkages among relevant Somali institutions and livestock trading partners enhanced

  • Sensitize and create awareness among stakeholders about animal health certification.
  • Enhance communication about animal health certification among stakeholders in Somalia and with importing countries.
  • Enhance technical coordination on animal health certification, trade and marketing for Somaliland, Puntland and central/south Somalia.
  • Enhance communication with trading partners including disease notification to OIE and AU-IBAR.
  • Train key personnel on trade negotiations.