Workshops and Meetings

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Inception workshop

AU-IBAR rolled out the programme with a successful regional inception workshop. Launching this innovative project, AU/IBAR had invited all stakeholders to an inception workshop at the African Union Headquarters to discuss the envisaged process,identify the main issues at stake and reach a broad consensus on the concrete targets.

Trade and transboundary animal diseases in the Horn of Africa

SOLICEP hosted a workshop on export trade to the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East 30 March—3 April in Nairobi. This workshop was the first of a series intended to deal with stabilization of regional export markets for livestock and animal origin products and support of pastoral livelihoods in the lowland areas of the Horn of Africa nations. The specific focus of this workshop is export trade to the Arabian Peninsula and Middle East. Subsequent workshops will deal with expanded trade within the Eastern Africa and COMESA regions.