Current Programmes and Projects



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SPINAP's overall objective is to contribute to the reduction of the socioeconomic impact of Avian and Human Influenza (AHI) and the potential loss of human life by assisting ACP countries in Africa with the preparation against and control of AHI in animals as well as preparing for a possible human influenza pandemic.


SPINAP's purpose is to strengthen national capacity to prevent and control AHI. The purpose will be achieved by focussing on financial support and expertise to eligible ACP countries in Africa prioritising the implementation of Integrated Country Actions Plans (IAP) for avian and human influenza. As decided during the Beijing Conference, this includes support to mandated international and regional organisations for technical assistance, co-ordination and support activities.

In the short to medium term, this will involve strengthening national institutional capacity with the aim of controlling avian influenza and ensuring a rapid response to assure the containment of human cases of the disease. For the longer term, sector reforms and better awareness of the importance of zoonotic diseases will lead to improved strategies to fight zoonoses and better preparedness for emerging ones.