SPINAP Inception Workshops

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During February and March 2008 the programme coordination unit of SPINAP commenced its work and conducted three regional programme inception workshops in the respective regions.

Overall objective

To enhance regional cohesiveness of HPAI prevention and control activities.

Specific Objectives

In order the realize the above objective of the inception workshops, the following specific objectives were addressed during the regional workshops:

  • Share the lessons learned from the assessment of the received country applications for funding of national HPAI preparedness activities by the Program Coordiantion Unit.
  • Snapshot of the status of HPAI on the continent.
  • Understanding the linkages between the involved institutions and interdependencies between the different approaches.
  • Strengthen network ties and discuss ways and means to enhance cooperation in the fight against HPAI, including communication media and information sharing arrangements.
  • Discuss communication strategies and identify possible needs and gaps in countries' communication approaches.
  • Lay out programme implementation modalities.
    • Operations and financial procedures
    • Monitoring and evaluation framework
    • Proposal assessment procedures and lessons-learned


  • National coordinators of AI task forces or committees
  • Members of the SPINAP programme coordination unit (PCU)
  • Members of the PSU, management, finance and communications advisors
  • Representatives from the five Regional Economic Communities and other stakeholders

Western Africa Inception Workshop, February 2008
Eastern Africa Inception Workshop, March 2008
Southern Africa Inception Workshop, March 2008